UK-China Students Accelerate Entrepreneurship Taster Sessions



Topic: UK-China Students Accelerate Entrepreneurship Taster Sessions

Speaker: Dr. Paul Thorning (Deputy Dean of Life Sciences, University of Bradford, UK / Co-Founder & COO, Crystec, UK)
Dr. Shao Qun (Deputy Director, Open Innovation, University of Bradford, UK/Co-founder & COO, Crystec Ltd., UK)

Time: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 (Tuesday)

Venue: Conference Room 206, Building 2, Building TEDA
Warmly welcome the teachers and students to participate!
Speaker Profile:

Mr. Paul Channing, currently Deputy Dean and Director of Open Innovation at the School of Life Sciences at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, is one of the founders of the China-UK Health Technology Open Innovation Project. The University of Bradford in the United Kingdom attaches great importance to its partnership with China. The current Sino-British open innovation project in health technology has provided support for Sino-British scholars, doctors, and corporate groups to conduct research cooperation in excess of £6 million. The project mainly covers the following areas: Sino-British cooperation in response to the development of new therapies, biomaterials, drug delivery diagnostics, and the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine in order to eventually achieve successful entry into the global pharmaceutical market. The Open Innovation Program works closely with UK multinational corporations, charities and National Health Service (NHS) to promote the transfer of UK health medical technology to Chinese partners. He has senior technical and executive business experience in the chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. Paul was formerly the director of AstraZeneca and committed to the acquisition and evaluation of global pharmaceutical products. After that, he was transferred to the United Nations and served as Director of Tanzanian Refugee Health Program for three consecutive years. In 2003, Paul returned to the United Kingdom and began serving as Open Innovation Director at the University of Bradford. Paul is currently appointed as the director of the Health Innovation Project by the British Government's National Department of Commerce and a member of the Financial Innovation Task Force led by the Ministers of the Chinese and British Ministry of Science and Technology. He is dedicated to cooperation and investment in innovative models. Paul also serves as CEO of Crystec and is also a board member of Medilink in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
Dr. Shao Qun is a comprehensive manager with rich experience in open innovation and international cooperation and has worked in technology transfer and open innovation in the medical and health field for many years. Dr. Shao Qun is the Deputy Director of Open Innovation at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom and is responsible for cooperation with China in scientific research and innovation. He is one of the founders of the China-UK Science and Technology Bridge Project of the Bradford Sino-British Open Innovation Initiative and the British Research Council. The Chinese project he set up in 2009 won the UK Research Council’s £1.3 million UKUK Science Bridge Award for the University of Bradford and ranked first in the UK. He and his colleagues created the Sino-British Open Innovation Initiative (acquired a GBP 10 million grant from the Chinese and British governments). They are highly recognized and supported by the British Department of Business Innovation Technology and the UK Trade and Investment Agency, and the team is part of the British Department of Business Innovation Technology. Appointed as China Liaison Officer in Life Sciences. Open innovation projects have expanded in recent years to include the White Rose University Alliance, the Yorkshire Cancer Research Council, AstraZeneca (UK), AHSN (British Universal Healthcare System Innovation Center), Medilink (Medical Device and Technology Company Alliance), Medipex, etc. Well-known institutions and many UK/European small and medium-sized technology companies.