Laboratory achievements won the 2017 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress


        Professor Li Xihong presided over the completion of the “key technology for preservation of green cold chain logistics of fruits and vegetables” project and won the 2017 Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award. This achievement addresses the industrial problems of physiological and pathological diversity of fruits and vegetables, high loss, fragmentation of cold chain technology, low cold chain rate, and high energy consumption, and takes the lead in carrying out basic theories of preservation of cold chain logistics, precise regulation and control technologies, preservation of new materials, and energy-saving facilities and equipment. The system research and development has solved the technical problems of the molecular co-excited tower type temperature-order iterative preservation technology, the development of phase temperature library complete sets of equipment, and the creation of a new technology system for green cold chain logistics suited to national conditions to achieve unit corrosion protection, dual air conditioning, and three-effects Moisturizing, 4th temperature control and 5 internal and external factors jointly controlled the industrial revolution. Obtained 5 identification results (international advanced), authorized 1 US invention patent, 11 Chinese patents, 5 national and industrial standards, 13 SCI papers and 258 high references. The key technology of this achievement has covered 32 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) and Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and Bangladesh. In the past 3 years, more than 1,420 libraries have been built and the total storage and transportation volume of fruits and vegetables is about 1.45 million tons. The company obtained direct economic benefit of 87.32 million yuan and social benefit of 3.32 billion yuan.